Why I believe that experience does not necessarily make you a good professional

1) Someone might have entered the industry at a time when there was not enough providers of the service and there was a very high demand.

2) Someone who has been working for many years in the field but did not acquire an academic degree and education/training does not necessarily provide a good service just because they have experience.

3) Someone with years of experience in the market might have survived all over the years, providing a poor service, which might not have been criticized or evaluated by anyone due to lack of awareness of the clients or due to good connections.

4) What experience gives you in my humble opinion, is simply more confidence and the chance to develop techniques further. How you educate and train yourself is a different thing.

5) For those who believe that all these do not matter, what actually matters is the final outcome and the satisfaction of the client, I agree that this is absolutely true. As long as the client is satisfied, everything is good. However, on the other hand, why do we educate ourselves and why recognized educational institutions and specialized degrees even exist? Why don’t we just learn the profession from someone else and just do it if clients do not need us to provide them with our degrees? Why do we care for the protection of our profession and focus on standards and good and actual qualifications? Shouldn’t we let the clients know?

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